Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I just had one of those moments when you write a word and you go "That can't be right. REMEMBERING?"  I had to ask my husband if it was a word and was it spelled right?

Back to topic:

Have you ever played that game where you are in a bad situation,or maybe a very boring one, or something momentous is happening and  you want to remember it later on?  So you stop yourself for one second and you say remember this time one day in the future because it will mean something to you. 
For example, today, a memory popped in my head like a mini movie playing - it was me as a young girl about 8 or 9 maybe?  I was in my room - yellow carpet, pale yellow walls, always on the warm side with big windows, pale yellow curtains with flowers on them.  I was playing with my dolls.  I can even picture the clothes they are wearing.  One doll was going to go down for her nap in my dresser drawer (make-shift crib)  When I opened the drawer, I saw my favorite white pants with watermelons on them ( I know,I know!) the pants were too small, but I was saving them for some reason.  Anyway, I wanted to remember that moment because I loved my dolls so dearly and I loved taking care of them but I knew I would very soon grow out of playing with them, just like I grew out of my most favorite pair of pants.  I was  a little sad and scared even,  but I told myself that one day I would have my own children to cuddle instead of baby dolls.  I do not know why this particular movie played to me today at work, because my own babies are no longer little babies, and I am not sad they are growing up because there is even more fun yet to come (so I tell myself)  Maybe it was  hint that I better do something before I "grow" out of my pants??  Or maybe it was that exact moment  28 or 29 years ago? That would be interesting! It WAS Hot.....  Sometimes I do this when I am driving and overwhelmed with work and responsibilities and I say, one day you will remember this moment and say "This too shall pass and get easier"    It would make a great movie wouldn't it?  You get told before you are born to mark certain memories, store them and you will re-call them later as helpful hints....
I'm remembering today,and you?

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