Thursday, August 19, 2010


I just wanted to say that.  I often sing that song in my head and when one of the kids asks me to go over their spelling words with them I always insert this one.  But I wouldn't say this quite describes me today, I just had to come up with something.  It's true what they say - the dog days of summer - it's winding down, school is going to start so everyone is kind of weary and waiting.  Same here. Headaches are coming back but I'm trying to ignore them, looking forward to fall, but sad that it is already starting to get darker earlier at night, bummed a whole lot of money is going to be spent on school clothes, shoes, winter coats, boots, gloves, snow pants, and the list goes on.... then before we know it THE HOLIDAYS!!! oh boy, I'm just not ready.  This is coming from a Fall/Winter lover, but can I have one more month please???  Didn't think so..

I'll share this:  According to US News there are 15 things you shouldn't be paying for:

Basic Computer Software - agreed. Can't tell you when was the last time I bought that!

Cell Phone (in addition to the service plan) TRUE unless you desire the bells and whistles...

Books - Again, true, however this is where I go wrong. I LOVE books! I want to keep them after I read them. I want one of those amazing in-house library's with a ladder that moves around the room, either that or I want to have my own bookstore. OR even better, I will buy a vintage Airstream and turn it into the bookmobile! So, I buy my books, however, I do purchase most of them used from
Like this fine example!
Water - This I agree with. It pains me to buy water. I'd so much buy a Coke instead of purchasing a water and I am not a bottled water fan anyway.  Give me good ole tap and all that comes with it!

Credit Card - REALLY? People purchase these?? Good news: I haven't had a credit card in almost 10 years - of course I still have a teeny tiny debt from them that will soon be gone. But I will NEVER again own a credit card! ( College killed me - promoting them and my abuse of them) Did I ever tell you I used to go to courthouses and pick up bad credit information and put it on people's credit reports as a job?? - yes, we did stand behind bullet proof glass when people got their credit reports and we had to review them....

Debt Reduction Help - Agree there too (see above - been there done this and am in process of doing this one!)

Basic Tax Prep - Sure if you can use a computer, are good at research or know an accountant, you shouldn't have to pay - but I think some people out there need it.  Remember the story of how my Dad made me get my first job?  Well a year later, when I got my W2's he handed them to me and said, take a walk (LONG, LONG ONE) up to the library and figure out your taxes.  Although I wanted to cry, I did it and have done it ever since all by myself.

The News- Again, Agree, however, I do still love the nostalgia of a good old newspaper - not that I have personally purchased one in at least ten years.  I used to always want to work for a newspaper, but I suppose they are a thing of the past.... WAIT! Yes, I think you need to pay for the news b/c Fox News is my go-to and I have to pay for that.....

Budgeting Tools - Sure, wish I would have known that a long time ago!!

Pets - Now, I do agree, but then why do they still charge?? I bought our cats at a rescue site, but I still had to pay for them- OK, I paid for their shots- but still... I'd pay for my next pet too, it's worth it to get the kind you want, but yes, I get that there are so many homeless pets looking for a good home too.

Shipping - TRUE.  One year, I bought every single Christmas present with free shipping and was done by November.  (I hate malls!)

Checking Account/Bank Fees - AGREE, but it is really possible??

DVDs - Library and coupons with Redbox gets you them for free. But.... I am too impatient....

Exercise - Agree - however, when I did pay for classes, I was so much more motivated to attend!  I haven't paid in a long time and thus, I have a bigger waistline....

They forgot one - Sex?  Never, Never pay for THAT! ;0

How are you and what do you NEVER pay for?

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