Sunday, August 1, 2010


My husband drives a Royal Blue Jeep Wrangler. He has always had a Jeep and over the years we joke that it is like our version of having a boat. We wake up some mornings on the weekends and just know that it’s a good day for a Jeep Ride. With the top off, it’s a lot like being on a boat. Today was one of those days. With our son off to friend’s house to enjoy swimming in their lake, we took the girls and headed out. We never know for sure where we are going to end up and the rule is that Don has to take the back roads. It was a perfect day, about 85 degrees and lots of sun with very few clouds. We left at 11:30am and came home around 4pm. We ended up getting ice cream cones from a little country store that sold one item of everything you might need from the grocery store since the nearest one was over 30 miles away. We stopped at a fun activity center and drove bumper boats, which wasn’t the greatest idea while wearing a skirt. When we left, a group of very excited men from the local nursing home were entering with pure delight in their eyes and funny crooked smiles. We drove through a lake-side town that is populated with tattoo shops and bars.
We drove past farms and fields of corn, grapes and trees. We drove to the beach and looked out at the beautiful lake. We said we would love to rent one of those little cottages just for fun but know we probably never will. We saw 186 barns in the first half hour and I know this because the girls played a game of counting them until they got tired of it. We drove through a long covered bridge and drove down a road where we unexpectedly ended up right in the middle of a golf course! We saw lots of people doing yard work, some relaxing and one man covered in tattoos standing in his garage getting ready to hit his punching bag hanging from the rafters. These rides are like snowflakes for us- no two rides are ever alike.

When we got home we jumped in the pool to cool off and then had corn-on-the-cob and laughed at the way Don eats corn –like an old type-writer. We laughed at Aiden’s one swollen eye (we are not sure how that happened) and my sunburned nose. It was a perfect way to celebrate the first day of the last month of summer.

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