Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm a stay at home Mom - for today....

Fifteen times a year I get to pretend I’m a stay at home parent. Usually we are going out of town or visiting someone, but today was one of those days where we just played house and I loved it. I was due for a Dr. appointment and so were the kids so I was lucky enough to get them all scheduled on the same day. You would think this would leave me with no extra time, but I made it happen. My appointment was early, so when I got home (OCD Alert) I ran around like a crazy lady cleaning up whatever I could find while the kids got ready. Today was one of those perfect end of summer days. The crickets and birds are making lots of noises, the humidity was finally low, and there was a nice breeze. The kids and I went out to lunch, then to their Dr. appointments and after, I took them to play miniature golf. Austin at 13 wasn’t too sure about wanting to go, but he ended up having fun- I know this because he told me 3 xs and said thank you 2 xs. (Mission: Make 13yr old think I’m Cool: Accomplished!) We got ice cream afterward while I tallied up our scores and I won! If Don were with us, I would not have won because he always does. While we were sitting there I was watching the other groups. There was a Mom with three little kids and an older teenage girl, the Mom didn’t play and the teenage girls interacted with the kids as though she were the Nanny. Then there was a Mom who weighed about 90lbs and looked like she was 19 at 40ish. She proceeded to text the entire time her son played golf by himself. There was my favorite couple – an elderly set with their grandkids who DID play. Then there was the Mom who sat in her WHITE (now I know who likes White cars) SUV while her two girls played the course. So I thought to myself – I love my kids, I’m lucky I had this day with them, I love my career and that it makes me an individual outside of being a Mom, and even though some days I get angry that I can’t be home with my kids, I would never want to be a Mom who is home but isn’t really HOME, if you know what I mean. Currently we are creating our own miniature golf holes for the course we will put in our backyard one day because I promised! ;) My hole is a Wintry Snowman theme, Aiden’s has Flamingos, Avery’s has a barn and Austin’s consist of loading the ball into a gun and shooting it at the hole. Only 15 more to design – that should keep them busy until school starts next week. Today I was a Stay at Home Mom and loved it, but going back to work tomorrow – and how are you?

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