Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Workday Blues

I’ve been so tired and un-inspired at work this week. Normally I am the over-achiever, go-getter that everyone despises. I truly love to work, am a self-confessed work-aholic. I’ve been working since I turned 15. My Dad who was and still is every bit of a work-aholic woke me up the first day of summer when I was 15, and told me to go find a job. He said by the time he came home from work he wanted me to have accepted whatever job I was offered. I didn’t drive of course at that time and we lived in the country with nothing close-by except a golf course and my oldest brother worked there already. I had been going to work with my Dad at his company, but I think he just wanted me to have the experience finding my own job and working for someone other than family. I appreciate the lesson now, but let me tell you at the time, walking across the golf course, through the woods, into our town about ten miles away in the summer heat , I wasn’t very appreciative. After that I never stopped working – the only time I haven’t worked is for 6 weeks after each time I had one of the kids but even then I worked from home. This week has just been tough – I don’t deal well in the heat and going in and out of a/c gives me a horrible head-ache so I am going on day 3 of a killer one. I’m trying to be positive. Maybe I need something to look forward to? Today at work I tried to be positive and happy, I looked around my office, happy for the window that looks into the hallway that looks into another window that looks into another hallway that looks into a window of someone else’s office who has a window to the outside but chooses to keep the blinds shut, so I can see a thin line of blue sky at the very top of her blinds (NO JOKE!) It hadn’t occurred to me how ridiculous it is until I typed it all out to share with you! I love office humor so feel free to tell me what kind of conditions you work in –I’d love to hear it. Over the years I have had some very interesting office spaces, and worked with some CRAZY characters – one I had to bail out of jail before the owners of our company found out and get the company car out of impound because she had gotten into an argument with a police officer while being pulled over doing sales calls. So let’s hear your stories and please, if you have an office outside like the one in the picture, or you get to work from home, could you maybe only share the bad bits – kinda not feeling too generous with the “being happy for you” part this week! ;0 – feeling a little work-week blue – and YOU?

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