Saturday, August 21, 2010


Literally! Today we spent the entire day shopping for back to school clothes.  I HATE SHOPPING!  I was hell-bent on getting it all one in ONE DAY and no one else shared my enthusiasm, but guess what? I didn't care.  We drove an hour and a half from home to an outlet mall where there is no sales tax to help us out.  When I hear the word outlet mall, I think it should be lots of clearance items, but apparently it is no different than prices at regular stores.  As a matter of fact on the way home we stopped at a mall still in the no sales tax zone and found better sales than at the outlet mall. 

When we started our little family adventure plus one (My son had to bring a friend otherwise he would have been MISERABLE) of course the hubby and I were arguing.  We always do this when it comes down to spending money. So when we got to the shopping center he took the boys and I took the girls.  The girls finished an hour before them and we were chillin in the car taking a little nap before they got back. AND we bought way more than they did!  Go Me!  One more little pat on the back for me - I did not buy myself ANYTHING!  I need a wardrobe overhaul BADLY, but it just has to wait..... Thankfully I work in a very casual environment - but today, as we were walking around, I looked at the suits and remembered when I used to have to buy them. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I do not have to BUY them anymore b/c it was soooo expensive, but sometimes I miss them. I always felt slimmer in a nice business suit.
I also saw some amazing shoes while we were out but I was good, I kept my blinders on and stayed on target - kid clothes ONLY,  I realized today, for the first time, now that the kids are getting older (youngest is 8) the girls anyway, are fun to shop with .  It was like going out with your girlfriends.  At one point we called and checked on the boys and they were EATING - and here we were splitting a bag of Skittles to tide us over!
I have to say, one thing I do is spoil the kids when it's time for school. I am a sucker for new book bags, fun school supplies (I think I like picking out the folders as much as they do!) and shoes!  My Mom is a shopper and although I didn't inherit her desire to shop all the time, when I do go, I buy.  The only thing we didn't get were my son's shoes.  He couldn't find anything he liked so this will now weigh on my mind until we get them.  Sounds like a good time for online shopping.  Now if only I could find a Money Tree!
I am spent in more ways than one today - How are you?

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