Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Left Handed Day to ME!

Yep I'm a lefty!  Along with lots of freckles, glasses, and a Dorothy Hamill haircut, it was a lot harder to be left handed when I was younger than it is now.   I forget that not everyone is left handed until I go to peel a potato or am drinking from a coffee mug and can't see the picture.  When I was younger they always made a big deal out of getting the left handed scissors out  for the "lefties" took their good old time getting them, causing me to get behind on my cutting, and then me and the 3 other lefty kids had to share because the right handed kids just liked the green rubber handles and used our scissors.
Now, its just annoying when you have to use one of those pens that are attached to one side of something like a clipboard, and the chain isn't long enough to allow you to be able to write.
I always start a dance step or exercise on the left first so I am the one no one wants to follow in class. 
I still can't tie my shoes without making the bunny ears. 
I suck at ironing (not sure if it is b/c I'm left handed though -doesn't seem like it should be)
I have no hand-eye coordination.
Don't sit next to me at dinner!
I've adjusted to using the mouse with my right hand, but I need my desk phone on the left side and that stinks when you have to write, b/c then you are using your neck and shoulder a lot.

Tonight, we went to dinner and I told the family it was to celebrate my left handedness!  But no celebration was had for me..... I guess I'm not very special after all..... How are you?

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