Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Musings

I didn’t win our local YMCA Dream home sweepstakes, but a girl I work with knows the people who did and go figure – they have a nice home of their own already! Darn it! I really just wanted all the cool stuff they decorated the home with, plus it was on the Lake and the view was AMAZING (until they sell the lot across the street and the view is obstructed, but I’m just saying – I would have loved that house

This was the best picture I could get, the house was not quite as large as it appears in this picture but it would have been just fine by me!

My brother said he isn’t going to make it – his wife, and my very good friend since high school took her first vacation away from him and it has been only 3 days and he has at least 5 more days to get through (if she doesn’t leave early) and he is missing her like crazy already! How Sweet! I think my hubby would be just fine without me…. (Kind of joking but not really??) The last time we were apart, was last summer. He took the kids to Florida for a week, visited my parents and went to Disney for two days. – I had to work. I encouraged them to go and have fun, but let me tell you, I was such a jerk the whole time they were gone. I think I was most mad that I was missing out on watching the kids at Disney World –it was our youngest’s first time there– I wanted to see them experience “the experience”, it took us a long time to recover from that trip and for stupid selfish me to just get over it! Don’t you just hate when you’re mad for selfish reasons??

Excitement in the Air:
The girls are so excited to get back to school that they were up at 5am and today is NOT their first day! They were giggling like – well, like two little school-girls! Not sure which they are more excited about – wearing new clothes for at least a week, or seeing all their friends. – Or just getting out of the house after a long summer. I’m pretty sure it’s not the homework. Tomorrow night will be the dreaded hand/writer’s cramp from filling out the same forms for each kid that I have filled out now 24 times before!  Please someone be savvy enough to get these forms online!! (Same with the Drs’s offices!)

Finally the excitement of fall is starting to kick in. Normally I have been excited for fall a month ago – and with the heat we have had this summer you would think I’d be MORE than ready since I am not a hot weather fan. My hair for one just gets bigger and bigger!

I just love the smells of fall and the amazing colors, and the anticipation of winter and our first snowstorm. (Call me crazy –I am a SNOW freak and am my most energetic and happiest when it is doing nothing but snowing.) My husband actually brought home our first Pumpkin Pie yesterday. I only like one bite of Pumpkin Pie at a time– I could never eat a whole piece. But he and the kids love it. (Now that he isn’t eating flour/Gluten though, I did get to eat his crust with just a hint of pumpkin on it and that was perfect.(still didn’t cover the craving I have for CAKE, but it’ll do…) It started my fall cravings up: Stew, Chili, Nachos, Hot Cocoa, Hot Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks, Apples Cobbler, Squash, and Sweet Potatoes….. Thank goodness I am back to working out again.
 I got up at 4:45am and did my workout – Go me! I made a deal with myself – I’ll work out 30mins every morning. I am doing a body sculpting challenge. I don’t mind if I am not a perfect size 6, as long as I am not wobbly! ;) In all honesty – I was a perfect size six for maybe 1 year of my life – then life happened and three kids later, I am a perfect size 12. As long as I am fit and a 12, I’m OK -My hubby likes me how I am and thankfully makes me feel sexy no matter what but the number on the scale is a little intimidating. This is why I do not own a scale and base my weight on my clothes. I think that is a good plan unless you need to be a model or on TV. (And God Forbid I weigh myself at the Dr.’s office or use the Wii Fit (then I’m considered “less obese”) How Demoralizing! Anyway, this workout I am doing is neat – I get bored easily and I prefer body sculpting type exercises versus jumping around like an un-coordinated idot. Step Aerobics - forgetta bout it!!  In this workout, there are 115 different 1 minute sets, so all you do is set the length of time you want to work out and where to focus and you get a different combo every time. The nice thing is when you are ready to call it quits on one rep – you’re already done and moving on to the next.

I am getting excited for Fall TV too – Big Brother is wrapping up (a favorite summer show) and Survivor this year looks really good – I think they are back on the right track as far as casting goes. (See previous post for link to cast videos.)

Well I’m off to try to get two very excited girls to go to sleep and then tomorrow I’ll pretend to be a stay at home Mom – I worked a deal to come in late and leave early so I can share all the excitement of the first day. (As much as I kid – I’m just as excited as they are – Heck, my house might stay a little more clean now, except that I’m not looking forward to homework – if THEY get homework, then I get homework and this is something I was never any good at!)

PS! - Just got done obsessing for an HOUR about shoes for tomorrow.  I bought my oldest daughter two pairs of adorable shoes and when she tried them on at the store her feet must have been swollen (it WAS hot and we had walked around for a long time) Well, at the END of the day, today - her feet are swimming in them !  Her poor little face - I have tried everything from cutting up a ribbon belt and stapeling it to the sole of the shoe to make a strap - It looked adorable but the staples will NOT stay in the shoe. We tried elastic (not nearly as cute) and I would just drive to the store, but honestly, I broke the bank last weekend on new clothes and shoes, so we have to wait until this weekend. We do have one pair of shoes that were too big most of last year and have been worn a few times this summer, that just fit right now and I just got done scrubbing them. She's so cute, she swears she is fine with it, but I can see it written all over her face.  (maybe I will drive to the store still tonight....) Can you believe it? Why does this always happen to the one kid that it ALWAYS happens to??  Her little sister's shoes are adorable AND they fit of course.  The funniest thing is that my daughter loves Flamingo's and has a pair of cute socks with Flamingo's on them - so when she left the room her sister and I thought at the same time - we better hide those socks in case she gets the idea to wear them with her shoes to make them fit better (would not have made a good look)  Sure enough what does she do - walks right into the room and says - How about  I wear my Flamingo socks???  At one point while thinking of a plan, I slipped my foot into her too big of a shoe and what do you know - they fit me perfectly! The girls thought this was horrifying and hysterical all at the same time. (I do have small feet!)  In the midst of all of this, when I was done cutting the ribbon belts up what was left made the most adorable bracelets.  GREAT new idea for belts that no longer fit!

I know we will look back on this night and laugh hysterically.....

The ribbon I had was Brown with Pink and Blue Polka Dots..

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First of all, how do you only have 4 followers? You are great. (Well, 4 now counting me.)

Secondly your post on my blog was hilarious.

Hope your girls don't wake up at 3:30 AM tomorrow.