Saturday, October 30, 2010

10 Things You didn't want to Know

Marla at Butts and Ashes (who loves her husband dearly, has her chickens poop on her favorite bloggers for fun, is an avid reader, writer and blogger with flair) did me the honor of giving me a Blog Award while frantically using the plunger on my head so I would have something to blog about today. I’m about to tell you 10 things I like as part of the rules of this award. The problem is that I just can’t put into words the things I like so you will understand. I’ll post some images/videos instead.

Bull Riding

I like to watch Bull Riding. Not sure what it is, but a big bull throwing a guy around, it just does something for me. But honestly, the fact that these guys all bruised and broken keep getting on those bulls for hardly any money (compared to the physical expense) is very interesting. Talk about a good concept for reality TV. I’d be all over it.

I like Airports. For me it’s about the people in them. You can just feel the energy and the excitement that is in the air when you are at an airport. Everyone is heading for somewhere, not too many of them especially now, are just hanging for the heck of it. I love watching the hellos and the goodbyes, how people have packed their things, what they bring to do on the plane, the conversations you have with complete strangers. It beats the hell out of being stuck in a mall – for me anyway. They haven’t done a reality airport show yet…..

I like an accent. It can be a slow southern drawl or an Irish brogue; I am one of those people who can fall in love with a voice. In my line of work I deal with people all over the world over the phone. I have met less than five of any of them in person. My brain tells me that they look just like anyone on the street, but my ears tell me that I am talking to the most beautiful person with that accent ever. Not that I am in love with THEM, but I really do love their voice. I love radio personality voices too, but show me a picture of them and it’s all over. Can’t listen ever again. So maybe I should say I like voices, because pretty much everyone out side of Northern Ohio has an accent.

A Good Sport

No matter who you are, if you are a good sport, I love you.

People who Protect me that I have never met or thanked personally
Thank you to their families too.

Snowed In!
I like being stuck in the rain/snow -pretty much anywhere - Yes, I am crazy.

Take me to a Vintage Diner and I will love you forever!
Making up Songs when doing Ordinary things

Inspirational Moments
Ecspecially with music.
Everything about stuff like this -
The clothes, the hair, the men, the dancing.


Kate said...

We went to a rodeo up in Wisconsin while visiting my brother. It was the high school regional competition, and after seeing those kids bareback riding--many of them without helmets--and being thrown from bucking horses gave me a new appreciation for the relative safety of high school football.

And radio rarely they match the faces. I'm with you...let me keep my illusions!

Cool list...especially the visual aids. :)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

you like some pretty amazing stuff. it's funny about voices - how they sometimes (often) don't match what we "see" in our minds when we here the sound.

Marla said...

Oh my heavens. I like the exact same things. This is getting scary, or at least should be scaring you. :-)