Thursday, October 7, 2010

Poopkins and a Mouthful of Fingernails

If Only I were this Creative
On my weekend To Do list is: Get Pumpkins.
We try to find a place to go that offers more than just picking up a pumpkin – something to put you in the fall spirit of things. I especially love the IDEA of a corn maze; however my experience is that unless you wear boots, have a compass, and bring a snack, it’s not as much fun as it sounds. Those corn fields are damp and full of spiders and critters too! The last one we went to me and my big mouth were lost for a good hour plus, while Mr. can’t –get- home- without- getting- lost, was out in ten minutes! (Thankfully he stuck around – but he had eaten lunch and was chatting up the Amish ladies when I finally made it out!)
Then you have the whole process of carving the pumpkins – which again, SOUNDS like family fun, but it’s just messy and nerve-racking for me. I really do not want to remember Fall by re-calling when one of the kids sliced off a finger.
Then you have to cook the seeds – again sounds great, even the smell and first bite is mouth-watering, but after that – well the whole mouthful of finger nails sensation in my mouth -no thanks. But I go along with all of it with GREAT enthusiasm. I love the IDEA of it all, but really, when you start worrying about costumes in August, sometimes the thought of me as an elderly lady in my rocking chair with a couple of un-carved pumpkins and a bowl of candy on my lap sounds so exciting!

We tried to grow our own pumpkins once. We threw some seeds out back (where the grass is always higher in one spot because of the septic system below) They were HUGE! For a while we thought we might be able to take one to the county fair: (So, how’d you get them to get so big? "Well, we grew them in the septic – NO,STOP! Don’t CARVE them!!")

Pretty sure he grows them over the septic system.

We called them our Poopkins and we DID NOT eat the seeds. However that might have been the year that the Squirrels got into them because some of the squirrels around the house ARE abnormally large…..

Feeling better than a Poopkin – How are you?


Midwestern Mama Holly said...

I love this time of year. This weekend the husband and I are going to Amish country where they have huge pumpkin patches. Im like a kid in a candy store there.
Thanks for the follow on my blog! Following back =]

Kate said...

Poopkins...that's hilarious. :)

I can remember my mom hating Halloween (costumes x 4 kids) and me thinking she was so lame. Now, we host a family Halloween party complete with costumes for everyone. I love it, it's fun, but the thought of coming up with a theme and making 5 costumes is enough to make me want to hide under the covers til November.

Kate said...

Oh, and we've grown our own pumpkins before, though we never get more than one or two n

Kelley said...

I am SOOOOO never going to eat pumpkin seeds again after reading this post! Ha! Fingernails?? I can so see it. We are going to one of those fall places this weekend, I think. They are SO crowded, though! Everyone is running around like nutcases trying to get to the corn maze, find the perfect pumpkin, etc., including us! OH, well. :) (Sidenote: I DID feel like a lucky girl when Cheeseboy guest posted on my blog. Yay!!)

Anonymous said...

nice blog!


Marla said...

Oh honey, you are seriously funny. I am going to like it here, I can tell.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

too stinkin' funny. we have a pumpkin contest every year at work (with the candy pumpkins). i have won 1st place three years in a row and won 3rd place the year before that. I may have to think about using the big pumpkin eating the smaller pumpkin, eating the candy pumpkins. how fun.