Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes I just WANT MY MOM!

Pinwheel Cookies – she bought them and we devoured them in front of the TV. You know the ones with marshmallow covered in dark chocolate on a graham cracker?

The movie Best Friends – w/ Goldie Hawn and Burt Reynolds – she introduced me to it and I love watching it at least once a year. We also saw ET in the theatre at least 6 times. And speaking of movies – the FIRST movie she took me to was Animal House when I was like six years old. She didn’t know until we walked in the theatre and saw naked men butts and promptly turned back around.

Christmas Decorating w/ Pizza – As soon as Dad went out of town we put up the tree and ate pizza – he was not a fan of either, so this was a special tradition.

Cabbage Patch Dolls – she went to Fisher Big Wheel at 5am to wait in line to get one for me.

Reading Books – I have a passion for reading thanks to her.

Backgammon – We used to play this together, especially when we were holed up in the cabin of our boat waiting out a storm.

Nature – I used to roll my eyes when she would point out the beautiful things in nature, now I point them out and think of her every time.

They are just jealous – the statement she made to make me feel better when the other girls were mean to me at school.

Kitties – There is no such thing as a cat, they are all kitties and they are so lucky to have her love.

Nannie – what my kids call her and what we called her Mother and her Grandmother.

Perfume – I have an appreciation for always owning a good bottle of it and wearing one scent only thanks to her. When she leaves my house we smell her for days and when we smell her scent we all say at the same time – I miss Nannie…..

Great hair, freckles, bony ankles and small feet – All physical attributes we share.

A Voice of Reason – When the hubby and I were huddled over our first born, WHISPERING to each other that he must have a fever because he was soaking wet with sweat, she came over to us and LOUDLY said, “you do not need to whisper over the baby, and that is not sweat – he pee’d out of his diaper.”

A love for making a house a home – If you walk into any of my rooms, I can name at least 10 things she has given to me or we both have the same of.

Stand by your Man – Should be her theme song and now thanks to her is mine.

Moon boots, leg warmers, Micheal Jackson coat covered in pins, Hot Pink, Bermuda purse,  shoulder pads, Dorothy Hamil haircut - you name it, she made sure we experienced ALL the fashion trends!

Except in the following picture when she got me the inflatable Halloween Costume - but now I now it's OK to make mistakes!
I love you Mom!


Kate said...

What a great tribute to your mom! :)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

What a great post! Here's to all the great mom's out there (happen to have one myself!) and to all the daughters who are now moms themselves!!!

May we all grow in grace and wisdom - just like our moms did. Yes, it is OK to make mistakes. Children don't come with attached instructions (but there is a great handbook out there... the Bible ; I don't refer to it often enought).

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

dang - I think I had a typo. I keep telling myself "not without your glasses, silly!!!" but I keep on posting things without them. For some reason, I keep thinking I can actually see as well as I did even just a few years ago.

Oh well... See - it is OK to make mistakes!

Kelley said...

You are going to make me cry!! This was the sweetest post! I absolutely loved it. I have a feeling she didn't use any DUNSIDies. I loved the format you used. My mom's birthday is next week. I am going to write something like this for her. Thanks for the idea!

FreeFlying said...

So sweet! Now I'm going to have to call mine. I hope she doesn't ruin the moment.

Doria said...

Yay for great Moms. I hope I don't forget to call mines tonight :) I remember the first movie with her, she snuck us into the living room after I overly strict grandparents crashed for the night and let us watch Dirty Dancing. To this day I love that movie because of her. My 6yr old has yet to see it. Im sure she will be list... Phhh! That's not good mom... :)