Monday, October 11, 2010

Broken Ovens, Computer Viruses and Crazy Cats - Oh my!

I was all set to confess about being a big baby pants and for being too sensitive, because I was still holding a grudge from a bad day at work on Friday. But since I have been home from work, all kinds of fodder for my blog popped up!

My hubby announced that The Stove Man is coming tomorrow. I am so sure that he likes to be called the Stove Man, and am certain he will wear a cape and tights. (I am picturing smoky grey hair, consistency of a brilo pad, cream and black colored super suit and a nice picture of an oven on his BROAD chest- but if he looks like Robert Downey Jr., I’m calling in sick!) However, he will probably tell us the reason the oven isn’t working is due to lack of cleaning. (And if he looks like RDJr- I might have to ask him for cleaning lessons) I am REALLY hoping he says: “You’d be better off with a new one than fixing this one.” We rent out cozy cabin, and the oven/stove from the 1970’s ( I said I like Vintage but I prefer appliance that LOOK vintage not act vintage) was part of the package. Of course we had just sold our BRAND NEW stove/oven before we moved, not realizing how very old these appliances were. I’m DREAMING it would nice for the landlord to just replace this one. Dare I hope that there is a clearance on stainless steel appliances and he gets us a new Fridge/Stove/Oven combo???

During dinner my youngest made this statement: “Sage said her Gerbil bit off his leg.” – YUM. Now please finish your taco.


At dinner I made this statement: “By Friday night, I would like all three of you to write Mr. and Mrs. Claus about what you might like for Christmas. Creativity will get you bonus points.” Last year, we decided to tell the kids THE TRUTH. Mainly because we had a nice Christmas by the very skin of our teeth and we thought it might be nice if the kids didn’t think that even Santa was going through hard times. We wanted them to know immediately after Santa delivered the goods so that they would understand it didn’t change anything. WOW, were WE hero’s for about a good month after that confession! But now the pressure is ON and I really need to get a head start on being the best darn Mrs. Claus I can.

This is what is currently happening in my house: We can’t find the red box movie case to The Prince of Persia, so two of the kids are taking turns arguing about who lost it and looking for it. We have had to separate them by room due to the arguing and they now have timed searches. I get the feeling we are buying The Prince of Persia. My hubby is aggressively trying to kill a virus that got on his work computer and getting more and more irate as the minutes pass, while my oldest is rocking back and forth hovering over my husband waiting for his attention on a computer issue going on in his room and asking A LOT of questions. Now, if it were me throwing the temper tantrum at the computer, the kids would stay FAR away, but with my hubby they just keep at it. It is kind of making me giggle, but in a way that I KNOW is going to get me in a LOT of trouble.

Speaking of the hubby, WHY does he feel the need to Re-load the dishwasher when I am done loading it??????? We have arguments that would break records on You Tube about this. Whose a better loader? Me, of course!

I bet he just LETS her load it!

Is it bad when you have to ask a co-worker to help you formulate a Christmas Eve menu for 21 people?

Speaking of the growing more and more irate hubby in the dark corner with his computer, he kindly said yes when a Mom asked him if she could drop her son off some mornings before school. (What a guy, I know) The kids tell me just today that this boy is allergic to cats (I tried that one too and it didn’t work for me) and today after harassing the cat for the thousandth time for the first time ever he got a sniffle. He tells my hubby as he is being let out of the car that he is going to need to see the nurse right away because he is having a bad allergic reaction. THEN to top the poor guy’s ( the hubby) day off, he runs home at lunch to grab a computer disc to find the cats that he claims I forced him to buy for the kids, in the basement ceiling. Last week around this time of night we heard a loud crash and the cat fell out of the ceiling bringing lights and tiles with him. We fixed and repaired the mess, and closed up any and all possible ways into the ceiling that we could. Guess we were mistaken!

A lot can happen in a two hour time span. Having a usual hectic Monday night, How are You?


Kate said...

Oh, my goodness! That's a night!

What is this "clean the oven" thing you speak of?? IMHO, anything the guests can't see inside of doesn't need to be cleaned. If it isn't actively smoking while in use (or the smoke seems like it won't last long), it doesn't need to be cleaned. I'm SURE yours needs to be replaced. I'm crossing my fingers for you now. And if you DO get a new one, it'll be clean. Presto!

In my house, we are hard at work on our family costumes for our annual nervous breakdown...I mean, Halloween party. It's Saturday, so maybe I'll stay somewhere else til the weekend is over.

FreeFlying said...

That's funny about the dishwasher. My dad used to take forever doing it because he would totally wash each dish before putting it in. Which is fine if he was using it as a drying rack. But then he would start up the wash cycle. It drove my mom CRAZY.

Kelley said...

Hi Kristen! BTW, I love the little blog award up in the corner there. It's perfect! You're welcome. :) This post made me smile. It was like I got to sit in your living room without having to travel out of mine. I hope your kids make up soon. :) And, what is the deal with men thinking they're the dishwasher kings? My doesn't think that, of course, because he's never in the kitchen at clean-up time.

Lastly, rewind to last week- I WAS grateful for the Cheeseboy guest posting on my blog. I did feel like a "lucky girl", as you said! :)

Marla said...

I hope your STOVE MAN looks like RDJr. My STOVE MAN looked like BUTT CRACK GUY. Very disappointing.

Joann Mannix said...

You have a husband who loads the dishwasher! Get on your knees, woman and praise the heavens above!

We had hail one time and it ripped the crap out of everyone's screen patios in our neighborhood. My husband found this screening dude who was a Brad Pitt lookalike and worked without his shirt on. I called all my friends and they lingered for hours that day in my kitchen ogling the free man show.

Doria said...

Love the blog. Good luck with getting that new oven *fingers crossed*. My mom and i do the same whenever I visit. Ive learned its best to do it while shes asleep and then start the thang before she knows whats going on! :)

Sam said...

Ah! My husband does almost the same thing to me with the dishwasher-except instead of reloading it he stands there while I'm loading it and tells me where I should put everything. He's a backseat dishwasher loader. God doesn't that just drive you NUTS?