Sunday, October 17, 2010

The To Do list is growing like a tree in a fairy tale

It was a great weekend (visited our very dear friends where we used to live and re-connected) and I made some realizations that I thought I would share with you that are kind of nagging me.

1. I cannot  don’t cook! My husband does all of our cooking. ALL. OF. IT. I can grocery shop, I can think of ways to add to a recipe, but to actually COOK or BAKE – I just don’t do it. Sure I can say it is because I work full time, and my hubby is so much more efficient in the kitchen, but what about the weekends?? I have had my head in the sand about this whole issue and I really should do something about it. When conversation turned to food and cooking this weekend, I was adding my two cents until my hubby turned to look at me like I was a complete liar. (He has no idea of my hidden abilities.) He regaled our friends with the time (THE ONE FREAKIN TIME) I made the kids crunchy macaroni and cheese. I’m in serious trouble here. My kids will grow up and blame me for the reason they can’t cook and make THEIR spouse do all the cooking! When we invite people to our house we BUY stuff and then we order in or take them out. YIKES. I really need to master a meal that will knock everyone’s socks off when I make it – several courses and dessert, and then they will talk about my amazing kitchen skills all over town.

2. I am not as clean as I thought I was. I thought I was doing a good job, but then I saw how people live who do, well an AWESOME job and I now realize that I have to step up my game in the cleaning department. Sure we have a few more house members and two cats, but STILL, for someone with OCD to go to a house that is even NEATER and CLEANER than theirs, well, that is about all one apparently former OCD girl can handle. I am having trouble BREATHING right now…….
3. I miss where we used to live. When we left about four years ago, we were so excited and I felt like I was truly “Coming Home”, but, I do miss the old place. Not that I am going to run out and do something about it, but it’s just a little sad to know that what you left behind changed while you were away.

4. Christmas is coming. I know, let’s get through Halloween first, Right? But while walking around the outdoor mall last night, we passed a store that sold calendars for 2011 and games for Christmas presents and the bookstore had Christmas cards out, which then brought me to my current decision: To send or Not send Christmas Cards? I used to send them to everyone we knew EVERY year. I was one of the few people who did this for a long time. I started sending them out when I was 18 until about three years ago. Times got a little tougher and we stopped doing them. Now, times are not much better, but I feel the need to at least let people know we are thinking of them. But I can’t decide? That is a huge project to take on and with having to now learn to cook and try to cook more, clean more and better, as well as visit friends more often on top of working, blogging, going from thinking about excersising to really doing it, well - can't breath again...............

5-20. I will miss our friends we re-connected with this weekend and am wishing we lived closer. I need new carpet in the bedrooms and I want my basement re-done like theirs. The pumpkin farm we stopped at on the way home, which used to be our little secret place in the country that we would go to when we lived in that area has become extremely popular and was so crowded we had a hard time even finding some pumpkins, and I’m just a little bothered by that. The weekend went way too fast and now it’s Sunday night, laundry to do, homework to be done, the work week to look forward to.

Enjoying great weekend memories – How are YOU?


Kate said...

1. While cooking is overrated, having a husband who does the cooking cannot be. Put down the cookbook and BACK AWAY from the kitchen.

2. Old friends or not, you're clearly visiting the wrong people. I'd volunteer to host, but I couldn't let you in the door.

4. I love getting Christmas cards. That said, we didn't send them last year. Competition between which was tighter, money or time.

5-9. I'm lovely thanks. I have a new sense of well-being now that the costumes of Damocles are no longer hanging over my head. I'm a bit nervous about my very first student teacher starting tomorrow. I think my husband is finished washing dishes, so now I can stop pretending to be putting my son (who fell asleep about 8.4 seconds after his last story) to bed and go watch The Amazing Race.

*I know I skipped 3.

Sam said...

We really do have a lot in common LOL. I cannot/do not want to cook either-I gave it a shot a couple times recently and SOME of it was edible but since my husband is a chef I feel it's better left to him-especially since I hate doing it.
Also that pic you have up that says 'a clean house is a sign of a good life'
I have that magnet up on my fridge except it says 'a clean house is a sign of a wasted life' LOL

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

I love your list! I'm a bit OCD myself and my house is so far from what I want in cleanliness... I do all of the cooking that gets done and I just hate having to come home from work and cook dinner. I hate having to think about what I'm going to cook. We order out too much. Ron is pretty helpless when it comes to doing much for himself, let alone doing anything substantial in the kitchen. He used to cook and grocery shop. Man, do I miss those days. Now it's all me. I think that probably bothers me just about as much, or more, than having to take on all of the other responsibilities that I've taken on. I just have no one to share them with. {sigh} Oh well...this was your post - not mine! LOL!

You're right - the weekend did go way too fast. I am doing custom order cards if you want to buy some cute handmade stuff (lol - no high pressure sales here; check out to see some of my latest cards - if interested).