Friday, October 15, 2010

Warning: Bad Hair Day Imminent, Lost Son in Lingerie Department and Rated R Highway Coming Up!

I have had way too many good hair days this week – you know why this bothers me? Because when I NEED a good hair day – like this weekend, I won’t have one. That really sucks.

We lost our son once in the mall. IN. THE. MALL. We were in a department store, (this was early in our marriage and we were buying bras and undies- yes, together. Not to worry, this NEVER happens anymore) and one of us had the stroller, and one had our son, and somehow we got confused on who had who and what, and as my hubby was paying the bill we realized we had only a stroller.

Thankfully the clerk saw our looks of sheer panic and immediately sent out some kind of secret page and took off like a bat out of hell. At first we were calm as we looked - in the ladies changing room, in between the clothing racks, in the changing room again, then we became more frantic. At one point I thought he was gone for good and started to walk out of the mall through the doors to search in the parking lot. As I got through the first set of doors, there was my two year old son having a full fledged (baby talk gibberish) conversation with an elderly couple. He was using his hands and everything. I can’t believe he wasn’t snatched up by someone leaving the mall. It would have been so easy. (The clerk did come back, but later, we both wondered where she had gone and what she was doing – probably it was time for her break…..?) I remember this horrible experience whenever my son, now a teenager who has just surpassed me in height, gives me THE LOOK.

Have you noticed that people are actually decorating their cars now for Halloween? I drove by a car with skulls on the dashboard -you could tell it was Halloween decorations,  not because they were into skulls – I say this because the lady was in a Mom-Van and was wearing a turtle neck with leaves on it.

My co-worker came back from lunch and said a guy had fake bloody arms hanging out of the back door of his car. She said she did a double-take.
I can picture this now – we are on a family outing, and my hubby and I are arguing over let’s say –directions, where to eat, how long do we have to stay where we are going, or any number of things, and one of the little kids in the back is just nicely looking out her window.
We pass a guy on the right who is driving a little slow and she sees these arms dangling from the side door. Her little eyes get real big like saucers and she tries to get our attention but she is ignored, told to be quiet or given the “Don’t interrupt, we are talking” statement. Her sister is looking out the opposite window singing to herself and her brother in the way back of the car is texting and listening to his IPOD, so she has no one to confirm the horrific thing she just saw.
I wonder how many little girls like that are walking around with this image in her head? I’ll be sure to tell her tonight if she ever sees arms dangling from a car – just look the other way  QUICK!

I did hear that Halloween is now more popular than Christmas. In fact, with Halloween on Sunday this year it is like a three day event. Towns are competing with different trick or treating nights. Please NO! One night is enough!

Looking forward to the weekend. How are YOU?


Kate said...

Halloween. Decorating. Both four letter words right now.

Cheeseboy said...

Towns are competing?! And here I thought we were doing well to hand out real candybars instead of Charleston Chews. If they are passing out dollar bills, I am there!

I've had that feeling of losing a kid and it is the absolute WORST feeling in the world. But when my boys become teenagers, I can imagine...

Doria said...

I must say Halloween is my fav holiday, but then again, candy is my fav food group! And the body parts hangin out the back of autos is pretty funny.
And losing kids... I thought I did that once, she was like 4 or 5. Was in the bathroom, talk about panick, but you already know all about it!

To answer you question tho, I am just dandy... How are you?! :)

Melinda said...

More popular than Christmas? Say it isn't so! I have always hated Halloween. But I hate scary movies, too ... and fighting with my teenage daughter about "appropriate" costumes .... Can't we just fast-forward to Thanksgiving? ;0)

FreeFlying said...

I ALWAYS end up missing Halloween. I don't even know how. I'm just always gone. So, I'm excited to hear about this 3 day thing. Surely I can make one of them be a successful Halloween, right?

Sam said...

Omg I saw this cable van driving by back in August and in the back window propped up on a stick of some sort-was that mask from 'V for Vendetta' but I kind of saw it out of the corner of my eye at first and it SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!
If it scared the crap out of me I cannot imagine what a child would think. Also it's AUGUST ppl and isn't that a company van?? WTF??
Why do ppl do that stuff?

Kelley said...

More popular than Christmas??? Awful. I like Halloween but I hate being scared & don't like the really gory stuff. Neighbors down the street who have a 1 y/o & 4 y/o have decapitated heads hanging from their trees. Ew. I did see legs hanging out of a car the other day. I should probably have a talk with my son about all of that madness. He's 6. Anyway, loved your post. I feel like I just sat down & had a conversation with you or something!