Monday, October 25, 2010

DEEP Monday conversations- Make that EVERY Weekday Convo's

AM Conversation With Hubby:

Me: “ I have bad news, I think your sucker fish is dead.”

Hubby: “No, he isn’t, that is how he always looks.”

Me: “So he looks like he is dead all the time? No, he isn’t moving, AT ALL –I waited and his chest isn’t moving.”

Hubby: “He isn’t dead- their chests don’t move like people.”

OK. We’ll see. He is probably right, but I swear the thing isn’t moving AT ALL. He is huge and takes up half the tank and is the last of all the fish that have lived there. We are just waiting him out.

AM as I am walking out the Door Convo:

Me: “Why do you always get the same kind of Lean Cuisines?” “I like a little variety, you know?” As I view the 3 boxes of baked potato and cheddar cheese in the freezer, knowing I have two more of the same at work.

Hubby: “I thought you liked the baked potato, you said so.”

Me: “ I DID like it, just not every single day…..”

But this is what you get for not doing the grocery shopping yourself, right? It’s just that he DOES work right next door to the grocery store ….

Afternoon Convo:

Me: “ How is your day going?”

Hubby: “It’s Crappy, how is yours?”

Me: “It’s going.”

Hubby: “What do you want for dinner?”

Me: “ I don’t know, what do you think?” (said as though I'm really thinking about it)

Hubby: “I’ll figure something out.” (already knowing what he’s going to cook for dinner)

Me: “OK, see you later, I love you.”

This is the same conversation we have every day at lunchtime- I know it verbatim!

PM Convo:

We eat dinner, We do homework with the kids, we work on our laptops side by side.

Hubby: “You know you really should be wearing shorts when you sit next to me.”

He says this every single time we work on our computers next to each other.

Tomorrow Convo: Repeat of today. I think it’s time for a Romantic Vacation!

Just having another Monday, How are You?


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL - too funny.

Kate said...

If my husband goes to the grocery store for anything other than his lunch stuff, it necessitates explicit directions and/or several phone calls from him. It's rarely worth the hassle. On the other hand, my lunch/dinner variety is limited only by my imagination (so...uh...not much more varied than your lean cuisine selection) rather than his shopping.

Romantic vacation? In a heartbeat!

Marla said...

Are we married to the same guy?

Doria said...

Awe my Jamie is a better shopper than I am! why should you be wearing shorts when sitting next to him tho? I R Confused, haha, not that it's hard to do... Love the post!!